Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lawyer in Mississauga | Contingency Fee Arrangement

What is a contingency fee arrangement

Many lawyers work on a billable system, whereby they bill you for their services by time increments.

However, some lawyers will work on contingency.

Many personal injury lawyers such as the law office of Rehan Khalil, Mississauga Lawyer work on contingency.

That means they are paid for their legal services when the client receives a settlement. The contingency fee arrangement varies.

Other than injury cases many lawyers are reluctant to take on matters that that are non-injury cases on a contingency basis.

If you have been injured and require legal help call the law office of Rehan Khalil today, a lawyer in Mississauga. 


  1. It is publishing to know that you can choose the form of transport you want to use-whether it be a bus, a car, or a motorbike. That is why you can also be engaged in many different kinds of injuries statements situations.
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  2. It seems like even the firms with the most resources don't promise to take every injury case on a contingency fee basis. It is good to see you have a hard and fast rule about this.

    It is also a good idea to find out if a firm will advance all up-front costs involved in bringing your claim.
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  3. It is up to you to interview a personal injury lawyer with a background in case work which includes your specific injuries or accident. A list of the right questions to ask an attorney can be narrowed down before the interview to select the best pin pointing inquires. There are a few areas which will be important to you when hiring an attorney.

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  4. Thanks for the information! I don't know much about law but my sister just got into an accident and I've been trying to help her to find some good lawyers in Mississauga that she can afford and also have the support that she needs.

  5. I really appreciate this information! I had no idea about all this. My friend is a lawyer in Mississauga and tries to explain this kind of stuff to me, but most of the time it just goes over my head! Thanks for posting this!

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